Smith Earth


North hemisphere mapped stereographically-passive circuits
Source: Thanks to Prof Havlicek 

 Classical Smith chart as the stereographical map of the north hemisphere

Valencia is on the Greenwich meridian- the real axes 
All cities in the north hemisphere have a magnitude of the reflection coefficient smaller than 1 so they are within the classical Smith chart 
The cities west of Greenwich are inductive cities, the cities east are capacitive cities

The earth mapped stereographically in the reflection coefficient’s plane-3D Smith chart mapped in 2D

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The 3D Smith chart based on the Riemann sphere mapped stereographical
The norh hemisphere is concentrated in the unit radius circle of the Smith chart
The Greenwich meridian is the real axes of the reflection coefficient’s plane-more infos on the IEEE  MWCL June 2011 article



                                            The city of Valencia on the 3D Smith chart


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